• Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY Improves Prison Healthcare

  • Posted on November 20, 2018
  • They are a physician-owned company with an excellent reputation, built out of their innovation, knowledge and skill, and the fact is, Quality Choice Correctional Healthcare NY knows all about inmate healthcare. They have recruited a medical team of professionals with extensive experience in virtually every aspect of healthcare, including how medicine works well within a correctional setting. Since they have served facilities of every size and shape, from tiny municipal jails with 20 beds to huge multi-sire detention centers with 1,000 or more inmates.

    In fact, many would say it is their collective experience that allows the company to provide healthcare to inmate patients that is at once both high-quality and cost-effective, and which usually at least meets and often exceeds the expectations of the clients, the facilities and the patients. The range of their compassionate healthcare services is wide and includes chronic care management, mental health services, imaging services like X-ray and ultrasound services, dental services and medical records management, including electronic medical records (EMR).

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